Introduction to StageDirector
Welcome to StageDirector
Who uses StageDirector
Setting up StageDirector
Quick Start
Software Interface
StageDirector - Software Overview
StageDirector database
Tree Menu
Control Panels
Controls for StageDirector
Master/slave principles
Navigation principles
Navigating using Arrow Keys
Navigating using Mouse and Click
Other principles
Performance Titles
Shutting down StageDirector
Finding an IP Address and The Network Name
Performance Menu
Playing an MP3 file
Output of MP3 files
StageDirector - My Library
StageDirector - Editing
Using the Toolbar (edit Mode)
Chord lines in RTF documents
Principles of Entering RTF documents
RTF Using Colours for Verese, chorud, outtro
File Types
Short Cut Key Strokes
Using Notepad
Deleting a music entry
Adding a performance title to a playlisy
Importing Performance Titles
Exporting Performance Titles
Export As
Performance and Edit Mode
StageDirector - Playlists
Creating a playlist
Adding to a playlist
Deleting a playlist
Reordering playlists and titles
Sorting the playlist items
Playlist - Edit Mode
Playlist Item - Editing
Networking the Playlist
StageDirector - Karaoke
Configuring Karaoke capability
Using a second Display
Adding a song to the performance queue
Automated playing
Changing the queue order
External CD/DVD files files
Exporting Karaoke Titles for printing
Searching for Karaoke tracks on your hard disk
Using Multiple Monitors
StageDirector - Why use multiple monitors
StageDirector - Configuring Multiple Monitors
Administrator Functions
Changing StageDirector Settings
Configuring wireless networks
Search path configuration
Short cuts for editing RTF Files
In control function
Finding an IP Address and network name
Configuration of StageDirector
Setting Font, Font Size and Colours
Editing the StageDirector.ini file
Short Cuts

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