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Using Notepad

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Using Notepad        


A user will experience no problems in pasting performance RTF items into StageDirector.

However there are many websites that store information in many other formats that can be copied and pasted into StageDirector documents (ie playlist panel, songlist panel etc).  By directly pasting from a website into StageDirector some Carriage Return Characters may be misinterpreted by StageDirector.  Using Notepad overcomes this problem. So, using Notepad as a gobetween application when pasting from foreign applications into StageDirector will circumvent many problems.

The solution is therefore to:

highlight the required text from a website using CTRL+C short cut key.  A user will copy the text onto the clipboard.
Open up notepad and
press CTRL+V, this pastes the clipboard contents into notepad which only supports pure text.
Then Press CTRL+A, which selects all the text.
Followed by CTRL + C, which copies the selected text to the clipboard
Goto StageDirector and Press CTRL+V, which pastes the clipboard contents at the cursor position