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StageDirector - Editing

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Selecting My Library from the Tree Menu allows you to do the following:

Enter a performance title.
Edit a performance title.

There are 3 mechanism available to enter a song:

1.Simply type the text and chords in using a keyboard.
2.Pasting from the clipboard from an existing document or website.
3.Importing from an existing RTF file or Text file.


The process

1.Select My Library from the Tree Menu.  The Music Library will appear.
2.Using the mouse right click on the Performance Items. a menu will appear.
3.Select Add.



4.Fill in the details including title, original artist, genre and the note is optional:
aWhere you need to add a new artist or genre select the appropriate option which will prompt to enter a new item.
bOnce you are happy with the details select the OK button.


cThe new title will be saved into the database. Select the content Tab


5On the content screen in edit mode you will see the following tool bar menu.  As you hover above the icon a hint will appear.