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StageDirector database

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StageDirector uses a database to store information.  This database is transportable and consists of a single file.  The Standard extension of the file is '.GDB'

StageDirector is shipped with the file sd.gdb which contains 'traditional tunes' (which are 'public property' as examples.


For situations where StageDirector is wirelessly networked  to other StageDirector screens, there are multiple views available for every performance title.  These multiple views are stored in the StageDirector database. This database server is installed during installation of StageDirector.  All StageDirector devices on the wireless network will communicate simultaneously to the database.  As the master StageDirector device selects a new performance title, all StageDirector slave screens will navigate to the same performance title in the database.  For the user this means that as the conductor/musical director/director selects a new performance title, all slave screens will automatically switch to the new selection.  Each user will be presented with the same documented information for instance a drummer who was viewing a song for drum notation is navigated to the new song and will be presented with new drum notation.


StageDirector can switch between databases similarly as a word processor software can open up different documents.  The file open dialog opens up other database files.  A user can add to the StageDirector database by entering further performance titles, or importing additional performance titles and store it on a USB stick to take to a performance.