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Principles of Entering RTF documents

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Principles of entering music

Most songs can be divided into verses choruses, outro intro, and bridges.  Often a chorus or bridge is repeated throughout the same song.  For these situations a line with a specific colour can be entered to guide the eye back to a chorus section.

The idea behind keeping a song to a single page is to help the whole band who may view the software every now and again to check chord changes or words without the viewer losing his or her position in the performance piece.

In the situation where a single music piece cannot be contained within a single page,  The next button on the performance menu will page down to the next body of text.


Automated scrolling can also be used for performance titles that are more 1 page long.  The automated scrolling will scroll the whole piece for a default 3.5 minutes.  The exact timing can be saved.  This default can be changed by increasing or decreasing scroll speed.