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Networking the Playlist

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There are 2 types of networking available for StageDirector.


Type 1 - Screen Scraping

Screen Scraping the master page to all slaves.  This requires all machines to be on the same network.  The StageDirector.ini file needs to be edited so that the slave machines can identify the master machine. At any point any of the machines can be appointed as the master.  The screen scraping grabs all the master screen information and send just the screen shots to all the slaves.  With this type of networking all slaves will see the exact copy of the master.  This type of networking is used for Karaoke but can be used for live stage performances



Type 2 - Networking the database

This networking is the easiest to setup (See Below).  A master machine is appointed and all slaves are directed to it.  This type of networking does perform real application networking. As a slave is pointed to the master machine.  The slave sets up a connection to the master machine database.  As the master points to a different performance title so will the slaves automatically point to the same title.


This type of networking allows each performance title to show different views of the title. For instance, the performer may want to see all the lyrics, the violin section will require to see all the violin notation.  There may be a background screen for the stage projector.  As you select a different performance title so will all the slaves and backstage projector show all the relative screens to complete the performance.



Setting up Type 2 networking


StageDirector is able to have a master machine select a performance item and all subsequent Slave machines will follow the master pointer.  As the master machine selects a different performance item all other Slave units will follow the piece selected


Each instance of StageDirector is able to perform as a master. As StageDirector is started it is able to act as a master.  It becomes a master when other instances of StageDirector attach to it.


To Attach to a master


Step 1 - Fire up StageDirector on the Slave Machine



       Select the Connect to Master TouchBar icon


Step 2 - Select the correct master machine and press OK.  Your instance of StageDirector will then become a slave

It will then disappear from the master connection selection dialog at the same time.