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Who uses StageDirector

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Who uses StageDirector


StageDirector is the perfect solution for musicians, orchestras, education sector, performers requiring backing tracks and  speeches.  It is an extremely useful tool for anyone in the performance industry.


StageDirector software is a perfect work tool for professional and semi-professional working musicians , speech writers and presenters. It can store your entire music library of chords, lyrics, and music notation in electronic format. It is compact, easily searchable, and it is very easy to store selected playlists from an extensive library of your entire repertoire.

The software allows for the user to input his or her own chords, lyrics and music notation, or general notes but you can also download ready to use published titles and charts from the StageDirector website.

The lead or master StageDirector screen can be linked using wireless networking to an unlimited number or additional screens so that an entire band or orchestra can see what the lead machine is displaying. Linked screens can also be modified to show separate ‘parts’ of the same music title (for example, violin parts, brass parts etc.)

StageDirector can also be used to assist with speeches or sermons. StageDirector uses a database to store all information entered. Features of the database then allow all information entered to be searched.  This makes StageDirector an ideal tool for speech presenters including  poets, priests and politicians and  presenters.

StageDirector is also the perfect solution for Churches for the development of sermons in order to instantly search for specific topics from the Bible, and to flag specific sections as 'favourites'.

StageDirector is a useful solution for politicians required to give either ad hoc or planned speeches based on executive briefings that can be 'loaded' into the StageDirector software. Electronic briefings can also be downloaded into the StageDirector software via an internet connection.

StageDirector is ideal for music licensing agents.  Each record has an encrypted sunset date, when StageDirector is started after this date the music will be deleted from the database.  Additionally fields containing the material or Intellectual Property are encrypted.