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StageDirector supports all the standard file types that are commonly used by performers including:

AVI, BMP, GIF, RTF, PDF, TXT, XML, HTML. (For Sibelius users, the Dolet software will allow users to export Sibelius to XML file format).


This means that one performance title can be displayed in a variety of ways. For instance here are some possible scenarios.



Singer may choose to see lyrics only.

Guitarist may choose to view lyrics and chords.

Bass Player may choose to view the chords.

Drummer may choose to view musical notation of drums.

Piano Player may choose to view musical notation and/or chords.

Backdrop may choose to display a picture or video.



Numerous actors can see text on all StageDirector screens from all positions on the stage.

Director can see text and additional screenplay notes.

Stage crew and production workers can see text and special instructions.



The presenter can see the prompts for the words, and can search extensive texts, for example from the Bible and associated readings.

Audience can view pictures and video as the backdrop to the speaker.

Musicians can be prompted to come in and break into song.



Presenter can view his words or key words and dot points.

The audience can be presented with visuals.