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StageDirector has very convenient karaoke capability.  During StageDirector installation a version of VLC is installed. VLC provides the Karaoke lyrics display capability.


The Karaoke option is displayed in the Tree Menu after you restart the StageDirector software.


The Karaoke option is best used with a second StageDirector screen.  A single StageDirector screen can be used but the user will need to toggle between the lyrics presentation window and the StageDirector karaoke titles view.





After selecting the Karaoke function from the tree menu, the user is presented with the library of Karaoke titles available within StageDirector.


The left hand panel on screen contains the songs to be performed.


The right hand panel contains the Karaoke library available in the I software


To commence a Karaoke song, select the play button that is at the top left hand corner of the StageDirector screen.