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Performance and Edit Mode

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Music Tab - Performance Mode

StageDirector has 2 modes of operation.



the Edit Mode Check box is located just under the search box.


Edit Mode

When the Edit Mode checked box is checked the user is able to edit all contents.  When StageDirector is in Edit Mode the appropriate editing tools are provided for editing performance items and separate documents.  In this mode, navigation keys such as Arrow Left and Right are used to navigate within documents and fields. Left Arrow key performs the same function as the escape Key and as the user has a mouse/trackball and keyboard the user can navigate freely throughout StageDirector.  An alternative for using left and right arrows is to use the Left and Right keys on the Touch screen Tool bar.



Performance Mode

When a user is performing a performance piece the editing function should not be required.  In most cases a Wireless keyboard or the remote foot pedal (StageDirector accessory) can be used to navigate within setlists and setlist Items.


During performance the only keys that are required are Left/Right/Up and Down Arrow keys.



Will enable a user to select an appropriate performance item.

Will eventually end up at the tree control.


Will end up at a performance document being displayed when Left button is pressed again a menu will be displayed which allows a performer to navigate next, previous, transpose up/down, enlarge/decrease font size.