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Master/slave principles

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StageDirector will run on a variety of devices including the StageDirector Box, any computer.  For situations where multiple screens are required to service the needs of a larger performance group, the StageDirector devices will require some configuration to determine their behaviour.


Any machine can operate as the database server.  The machines are configured as a master and slave.


Master machine - The master is the machine that is controlled by the conductor or band leader.  The controls of the master may include a Foot Pedal and/or mouse and keyboard (with trackball).  Using the remote keyboard, the master machine can therefore also be controlled by an off stage-manager viewing a StageDirector screen


Slave Machine - A machine that is controlled by the master machine navigation.  As the conductor/band leader selects a new performance title on the master machine the slaves will follow.  Each slave can also display the relevant content tab on their StageDirector screen (for example, brass notes for brass section, chord charts for gutar, drum notation for drummer).


Networking can be completed using wireless and/or hard wired 10baseT patch cables.  Some devices may not have wireless networking capability.