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File Types

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File Types Supported

Each performance piece can support many file types. These include

Rich Text Format.  Most word processing documents will save as Rich Text Format. Doc format is NOT supported in StageDirector

Music XML format. XML are files containing text that can detail a lot of information.  In this case MusicXML contain musical notation that are saved in MusicXML format.  Software packages like Sibelius use proprietary formats developed to store and edit musical scores.  Sibelius files can be converted to MusicXML using other free software that is readily available.

Video movies supported in most browsers.  Typically AVI files can be used to provide a stage backdrop with video using projectors or other audio visual equipment.

Picture Formats.  These are typical picture file formats that can be used as a backdrop or display

Powerpoint files ( not available yet). Powerpoint or presentation files.  It is recommended that such a powerpoint file is presented using automated slide changes.