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Tree Menu

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Once you have launched StageDirector, you will see a tree menu system showing you your library on the LHS, and the playlists that you have created. The 'traditional tunes' playlist is supplied with the software. If you select the Traditional Playlist, you will see on the RHS of the screen each of the individual titles within the playlist.

A user can select the menu tree items using

1.        Mouse/trackball and keyboard
2.        Foot pedal

A performer would start the software, the cursor will be focused on My Library which is the top of the Tree menu.  Using a foot pedal, keyboard or mouse scroll wheel, a user can navigate directly to the playlist. By either clicking on it with a mouse or pressing <right arrow> on the keyboard or foot pedal, the user can  see the contents of the playlist.

When a tree menu function has been selected the tree menu will disappear to maximise on the computer monitor real estate.

To navigate back to the tree menu you can press <left arrow> until it appears, or press <home> on the touch screen tool bar.