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Short Cut Key Strokes

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Copy and Pasting


There are short cut keys that can play an important role in entering information into StageDirector.  Short Cut keys means the user presses a combination of keys to cut, copy paste, bold, Italic, Underline selected text.  This can save many keystrokes.

For example CTRL+ C, where the user presses the CTRL Key and the C key at the same time, will perform the same function as Edit>Paste. Some of more used Short cut keys work which will work in StageDirector are standard to many software applications and include:

       CTRL + C        Copy into clipboard

       CTRL + V        Paste information from Clipboard

       CTRL + X        Cuts selected Text and copy to the Clipboard

       CTRL + B        Toggles Bold for selected Text

       CTRL + I        Toggles Italic for selected Text

       CTRL + U        Toggles Underline for Selected Text

       CTRL + A        Selected all text on current document page