Frequently Asked Questions

As little as $60. Go to our Software page to see a full list of the StageDirector licenses that are now available. Get your free trial download and try out STAGEDIRECTOR right now.

  • StageDirector will support many filetypes including text,
    • Rich Text Format (RTF), PDF, MusicXML, HTML, Video (AVI) Audio (MP3 & Wav). 
    • These formats are supported by standard publishing software including music notation software, word processing, and video editing.
  • StageDirector will simultaneously show your lyrics and Chords in RTF, PDF formats and play your Audio and Video at the same time
    • A single computer can show the lyrics, play the audio using the secondary video port it can play your video
    • Or you can network many stagedirectors using Wifi and cable and display your lyrics across the stage
  • This means that you can import any of your current files into StageDirector, making it a very convenient way to store your entire music notation, charts, lyrics, audio and videos to help improve your performance.

Once the StageDirector software is in edit mode, it is easy to edit files in any way you want.

Once you are in edit mode the toolbar is displayed to enable your personalised edits.  Editing is available for RTF and PDF files. 




For further information you can download the StageDirector help manual, and you will soon have access to online help tutorials too.

  • You can easily create your own content within StageDirector. 
  • Users can copy and paste their existing text files or chord charts and use that to create performance titles,
  • You can import pdf files, as well as music XML files.
  • Check out our help file and online tutorials.
  • In edit mode,
  • Select the performance title and press delete.
  • To delete a chart, as you can have many charts for each song, simply select the page and select the delete button on the toolbar

The Foot Pedal - For guitarists and singers


  • It has a usb connection.  Hands free operation. These pedals send Up/Down/Left and Right keystrokes to StageDirector
  • Using the Keystrokes you can navigate and operate StageDirector with ease.





 Bluetooth Devices



  • For those computers that support Bluetooth you can purchase a variety of gadgets that can do the same thing


Bluetooth qwerty Keyboard ( great for Keyboard players, drummers and off stage managers)



Bluetooth Air Turn ( great for singers hang it from your belt, or simply keep it in your pocket)





  • StageDirector has a scrolling or page up/page down function
  • Using Scrolling the user can set the time for the chart to scroll. This is great for voice over people or when you are recording in the studio
  • Or you can use the wireless keyboard (using the arrow keys), or the footpedal or other bluetooth devices to move to next and previous page.


  • For touch screen users, there are also handy large buttons at the top of the StageDirector screen that are very convenient for navigation to performance titles.
  • These buttons are active if you are running StageDirector with a touchscreen, or they will work if you have a 'mouse' connected to the PC screen that is running StageDirector.



  • Once you create a performance title in your StageDirector software, you can easily export this into a separate StageDirector database.
  • Additionally you can export a whole setlist as an attachment to an email.


  • If other band members have a StageDirector as well, you simply network with that machine as a Slave
  • When the master machine selects another song, the slave will automatically follow
  • As a Slave you can transpose independently from the master,  this feature is great for those Eb and Bb instruments
  • StageDirector can use wireless or ethernet networking to communicate with other screens, enabling a conductor or educator or off stage manager to control what is shown to the users, presenters, performers, actors or even the audience.
  • Each network device can select a screen they desire.
    • For instance each Song can have many charts in various formats, this may be a Bass, Guitar and Keyboard chart
    • Once you select the Bass chart, then any subsequent song selected will show you the bass charts if available or else it will default to the lyrics and chord page


  • Each of the StageDirector screens  can display different content associated with particular performance titles, as designed by the user. For example a singer can see the lyrics whilst the piano player sees music notation, or a presenter can see their notes whilst the audience sees a slideshow.

StageDirector is easy to use. You can create performance titles or songs, and then create ‘playlists’ from a library of your entire ‘repertoire’.

The library is easily searchable and you can search by genre, artist name, title and lyric content.

Each song or performance title can have a seperate audio file and/or Video File allocated to it.

As soon as you press the play button, the video will start as well as the audio while you as a performer can see the lyrics and chords, 


StageDirector comes with a help file. New users can be up a running in a very short period.

The StageDirector site is constantly being developed, and users will soon have access to on-line help, and newsgroups.

  • StageDirector currently runs on a PC. 
  • StageDirector can be viewed on a mac or iPad using tools like VNC
  • We have been careful in selecting the development platform and now we are in the process of developing code that we can compile for Mac, Windows, iPad and Android.  These systems will work together as Master and Slave devices



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