StageDirector was developed by musicians for musicians. It has great use for anyone in the performance space, education, religious pursuits, film set.

This windows software will

  • help to improve your performance, enable you have a huge repertoire. 
  • help musicians and others remember lyrics, chords etc. to perform with confidence, even with musicians who are unfamiliar with your repertoire,
  • allow transposition on the fly, remove music stands from the stage, and customize your personal teleprompter screen to suit your exact requirements in terms of font size, colours,
  • use inset windows to keep you in synch with background video and even attach audio files that you can pitch-bend, and change speed – great for learning new material.

We designed StageDirector to help you look more professional and focus on performance. 

The software allows the user the ultimate flexibility in organizing their performance titles, playlists in terms of lyrics, chords, music notation and even audio and video files.

We hope you enjoy your free trial download of the software, and encourage your feedback.

Thanks for dropping by.



StageDirector Wedge